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Journi2Help: Community Pharmacists Advise on Medicare Part D

Social Impact: Optimized selection of a Medicare Part D plan can lead to improved patient experience in the pharmacy as well as improved medication adherence and outcomes. Whether or not a retired person with limited financial resources can afford critical medications is also a social determinant of health. A community pharmacist that helps a customer select the best Medicare Part D option can provide a patient-centered experience that ultimately supports the health and wellness of community members.

When it comes time to select a Medicare Part D plan, how does a retired person make a good decision based on their own unique health requirements? It's not an easy choice. Insurance companies change copayments and premiums every year. So, who can help to make a sound decision?

Journimap was used in research to better understand how community pharmacists could advise and help in making good decisions during Medicare Part D plan selection. The journeys of two groups choosing Medicare Part D plans were mapped during the project. One group used advisory services from a community pharmacist to select a plan. Another group took advice from other key influencers outside the pharmacy. Both groups were pleased with their decision and then both groups were left concerned about their choice. 

What insights can be gained from this work? The people advised by community pharmacists were informed in a very different way than their counterparts who relied upon others. They were better informed about the potential upside and downside of their decision. The group who did not engage with the community pharmacist did not understand as much about risks and potential negative exposures related to selecting a Medicare Part D plan. Interestingly, across both groups the most common theme that emerged from the data and comments was that of -- trust. Who can someone trust to make such an important decision? The concept of trust weighed heavily across all of the Journimap participants.

Making a Difference with Customer Experience: Focus on Mission

Journimap is committed to helping nonprofits, education institutions and other organizations better understand the people they're working to serve:

   - Beneficiaries

   - Clients

   - Patients

   - Students

   - Customers

   - Members

   - Others in need

As an L3C, Journimap is neither a traditional for-profit company nor a nonprofit organization. Journimap is a social enterprise company committed to providing affordable tools and solutions designed to generate valuable knowledge of the people an organization is trying to help. Because the more you know, the more you can help. 

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Want to learn more about how you can rethink Customer Experience work for a nonprofit or social impact environment? Listen in to the SocialImpactCX podcast!


Journimap L3C belongs to the COMMON community of more than 230 businesses building socially responsible brands and companies.

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